Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lunch with Uncle Dan, Aunt Karen and The Kids

Uncle Dan, Aunt Karen and the kids were on the east coast for Christmas and got back into LAX today.  They came over to our place to hang out a little and then we all went to lunch.  Thankfully we were able to clean up enough that they didn't see how messy our place was since coming back from Hawaii.  We brought so much stuff back it was a bit ridiculous.  The car service that picked us up had to fill his truck and even had to put our box in the front seat next to him.

We grabbed lunch at the CPK near us and had a blast together.  Jocelyn and Ke'alohi really bonded, so much so that Ke'alohi fell asleep in her arms and stayed there for at least an hour.  She doesn't even do that with me!  It was so nice to see her bonding with all her cousins and she was just loving all the attention.  Can't wait to see them again!


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower from the Flock Together Tuesday Hop. This is a precious picture!

  2. Aloha,

    I am following Wednesday's Hop at AofJMMB. I followed you via GFC. Mahalo for following back.

  3. What a great picture of Jocelyn and Ke'alohi. Jocelyn is so loving. How sweet. Hey, it's so nice to see Scooter again!