Friday, August 13, 2010

Korean BBQ...

To say that the discovery of Korean BBQ has been life changing would be an understatement.  Since I have discovered Korean BBQ at Furusato (16410 Western Ave. Gardena, CA) with my fellow Hula Halau sisters, Lucas and I have gone there at least every week.  I wish I was joking, but our Bank of America credit card does not lie.  As I write you this, my mouth is salivating and I might need to go there tonight even though we just went on Sunday. 

Let me give you the breakdown of this place.  First, there are two prices on the menu (either menu item is ALL YOU CAN EAT); Menu A is $9.99 and you get beef brisket, pork belly and marinated chicken or Menu B is $16.99 and you get everything in Menu A along with other things like beef tongue, mussels and steak.  After you order, they bring out all the meat and you cook it yourself with a little grill in the middle of your table.  If that wasn't amazing enough you also get all the normal Korean sides like kim chee, bean sprouts, salad, garlic, watercress, radish, rice, rice paper and sweet potato.

If I haven't sold you enough on this restaurant that we love, let me leave it at this;  When we eventually move back home to Hawai`i, this place is on the top of my list to have my last dinner at!