Friday, August 28, 2009

Jenn and Jon's Wedding

Our third wedding of the summer took us north to Auburn, Ca. to be guests at Jenn Helberg and Jon Robirds wedding. Mahina and Jenn became really good friends when they studied abroad together at Oxford University the summer of the Junior year. Mahina and I took the opportunity to make it a road trip up to Roseville and Auburn and set out in the early afternoon after taking a half-day at work to try and beat the rush hour traffic.

The drive took us about 6 hours, but it was a really fun time to be road tripping together and we had a fun time playing games to pass the time in the car. Soon enough though we arrived in Auburn and checked into our hotel. It was time to grab some food and craving sushi we set out to find the closest sushi restaurant to our hotel. We managed to find the local sushi restaurant in town and enjoyed a variety of new sushi rolls that we had never tasted before.

Later that night, we managed to meet up with the wedding party after their rehearsal dinner for some drinks and had a lot of fun running amuck around town. Finally it was time to get some rest before the big day so we all headed back to our hotel rooms.

The next morning we headed into Old Town Auburn to explore and pass the time before we had to begin getting ready for the wedding. Auburn is an amazing little town and we explored as much as we could at the Gold Country and Placer County Museums. After spending some time in this "hidden gem" and eating at the Auburn Alehouse Brewery, a local favorite, we headed back to the hotel and started to get ready. The wedding was at an estate about 20 minutes from Auburn beautifully situated within the mountains. As we arrived we were relieved that the weather was being cooperative and the temperature was mild with a nice breeze on this amazing afternoon. The garden of the estate would host the intimate ceremony that Jenn and Jon had masterfully orchestrated. After the ceremony all the guests would enjoy a cocktail hour while the garden was transformed from ceremony to reception and dance area.

The ceremony began shortly after everyone was seated and Jenn made her grand entrance looking beautiful. Personalized vows were exchanged and Jenn and Jon shared in a wine ceremony symbolizing the love that passes through both of them. The ceremony was truly magical and made all the more intimate in the estate's beautiful garden. Once Jenn and Jon were officially husband and wife it was time to celebrate.