Monday, March 21, 2011

Maternity Ward Tour and Setting Up the Nursery!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a Type-A personality who needs to be prepared, organized and have all the information possible to feel comfortable.  That is probably why Lucas and I have signed up for four classes before the baby is born.  The month of March is our weekly Childbirth Series course taught through Cedar Sinai Hospital, where we will be delivering.  During April, we will be taking two classes at The Pump Station, a super cute store for everything mommy and baby, Infant Care and Introduction to Breastfeeding.  And lastly, during May, we will be taking an Infant and Toddler CPR class at the Red Cross.  Most of you are thinking "wow, that is a lot of classes and information," and you are probably right but better to be over prepared than under!

A part of our Childbirth Series course at Cedar Sinai included a lengthy tour of the Maternity Ward in the hospital.  Boy was it a wakeup call! This baby is coming (and coming SOON)!  We got to see where we check in, where they hook me up to all the monitors, where we will actually deliver and where they take our new family to recover.  It is a beautiful hospital that loves new mommies so much that we heard that every day from 3-4pm in the recovery department, they bring the moms warm cookies and milk.  How amazing does that sound?

Another milestone for this week was setting up the nursery!  I truly believe that I was an Ikea Assembler in another lifetime.  I love the rush and satisfaction of building something with my bare hands, something I most definitely got from my father.  He is the handiest person I know and a real-life MacGyver when it comes to putting things together.  Though with how I am growing and how easily tired I am, I could not have done it without my wonderful husband.  He was so supportive, that he would hold wood pieces for me so I could do the screwing or tighten things when I couldn't get to the little nooks due to my growing tummy.  Although we are so excited to start the transformation of this room, Duke and Harley are a little hesitant to share their room with the newest member of our family.  Lets hope they can all be good roommates!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And the Third Trimester Begins...


The light at the end of the tunnel is approaching, and its approaching fast!  This week marked the beginning of the end; I am officially in the third trimester.  This means we are full steam ahead and a lot of things will be happening in the next couple of weeks: classes, maternity photos, my mom's visit and our baby shower.  Today is also another milestone for us as I am now 26 years old.  It is hard to believe that we have reached the point where now for the next six months Lucas can call me a cradle robber and a cougar for marrying a younger man.  Boy, I can't wait till September when we will both be "old futts."  

This week also starts our lamaze or childbirth classes.  For the next month we will have four classes that will teach us the ins and outs of our hospital stay, breathing, and most importantly how to labor and deliver safely and hopefully painlessly (hey, a girl can hope).