Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And We're Almost Out of the First Trimester!

Boy, they do not tell you everything that goes into having a baby! Now that I am just about to come out of my first trimester, I am really hoping that this all gets easier and goes down hill from here, though I have a feeling that it won't.
Mahina's second ultrasound November 16, 2010
During these first few weeks I have experienced most of the "normal" symptoms like "morning" sickness, though its really "all-day" sickness, headaches and tiredness.  I wish I could explain how tired I have felt since we found out that we were pregnant.  Think about running a marathon, walking over to a Habitat for Humanity site and building a house, then ending the day with a nice little Ironman race and that is pretty much how I feel all day every day. I might be exaggerating a bit, but let's be honest, that's another pregnancy symptom too. Hehehe, I think Lucas is going to love that one.

Surprisingly the doctor said that this is all "normal" even though I now know that there is nothing really "normal" about pregnancy, there is literally a little person growing in me! How cool is that!