Friday, December 30, 2011

Riverside Mission Inn Lights

We met Lucas' parents tonight for dinner and to pick up the dogs.  Boy, I've missed Duke and Harley running around us.  We met up at Applebee's to grab a quick dinner so we could go to the Riverside Mission Inn and see the Christmas lights they set up every year.  The lights were just as bright and gorgeous as last year but this year it was a little easier to get around now that I'm not tired and pregnant.  Last year, I was so tired by the end of our walk around downtown Riverside that Lucas was practically pulling me to move.  Hahaha.  

Ke'alohi was bundled tight in her stroller so that she could stay warm and still enjoy the lights.  We had a nice time taking in the end of the holiday season and marveling at all the Christmas decorations.  After we were done walking around, we went to their place to pick up the dogs.  I don't know who was more excited, us or them!  It is so nice to have our whole family all together again!

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  1. Wow, those Christmas lights are so beautiful! What a great thing to see!