Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Baby Shower!!!

I am blessed with some amazing friends and family!  First off, my baby shower could not have happened without one of my closest friends, Jill Weglarz.  One of the first things she said to me when she found out that I was pregnant was, "Can I throw you a baby shower?"  She was so unbelievably thoughtful to host the beautiful brunch we had at Shanghai Reds.  Everything from the invitations, that were designed by another close friend Cristina Hasbun, to the favors and food was perfect.  You could probably tell by how much food we all ate and by everyone stealing each other's favors that everyone was  a happy camper.

The event started off by everyone writing notes to the baby and I on one of my baby book pages.  The first game we played was everyone gave me, the mommy-to-be, some advice for when the baby comes.  Everything from "sleep when the baby sleeps" to "don't forget about your husband" was written down.  My favorite advice was from Kasey Stinson that said, "take a picture of the baby everyday."  I forget sometimes that the baby will only be small for a short time and pictures are the only way to capture them at that moment.  The next game was match the celebrity to their baby name.  Needless to say, I rocked at that game and was one of the winners.  I guess all that time reading celebrity news paid off.  The last game we played was gift bingo which involved everyone writing down different gifts they thought I would receive in little boxes and when I opened that gift, they got that square.  We had a few winners, but the real winners were Lucas and I for receiving so many wonderful gifts.

I do want to send another special shout out to my mom and my Aunt Lisa for flying in from Hawaii and Minnesota just to celebrate my baby shower with me!

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