Sunday, April 3, 2011

Maternity Photos

If there was one thing my family is known for, it would be pictures.  Just the sheer volume of pictures my parents have of our family and my brother and I growing up is astonishing.  So one of the first things Lucas and I knew when we found out we were pregnant is that this baby would have a well-documented life.  We decided why wait till the baby came, why not start before when the baby was still in me!

We are so excited to work with Janel Conlan. She is also the person aka genius that took our engagement photos and all the beautiful photos at our wedding.  If that wasn't reason enough to work with her again, the fact that she is also pregnant made this process all the more fun.  I can't wait for our little ones to squirm, crawl and run around with each other.  These are a few of our favorites!

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