Saturday, April 10, 2010

Glee Premiere at The Grove!!!


The addiction and phenomenon that has become Glee was not at all evident the night of the special premiere of the first episode of the second half of Season 1 at the Grove in Los Angeles... Ya right. When we got there at 5pm for the 7pm showing the line was already around the block and continuing to grow. KISS FM was playing host to the people in line as well as the premiere itself so luckily we had some entertainment while we all waited in line. The Glee Cheerleaders were working the line handing out hats, posters and water to everyone waiting.

After a short two-hour wait the line finally began to show signs of life and slowly started moving. We don't think that everyone made it into the special viewing area, but the fenced off area in front of the projection screen was standing room only as everyone got excited to see the premiere. Continuing to build the hype, KISS FM held a couple of Glee sing-off contests and dance contests giving away prizes and tickets to the Glee Concert before showing the episode. What we were really waiting for though was for the sun to set so that the projector screen wouldn't be washed out. Much to everyone's glee (no pun intended), most of the cast made an appearance at the premiere and said hello to the crowd and introduced the episode when it was time to get the show rolling. 

With the episode underway, the crowd went silent and stood transfixed on the screen as the episode was shown. At the end, they also previewed the next episode, Madonna, as everyone was walking out. When the night came to a close it had been fun and exciting to see the episode surrounded by a ton of fans and making out with special Glee water and a cast poster was great too!

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