Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dinner with Ke`ala, Mac and Sarah!!!

Ke`ala was in Los Angeles for a couple of days with her boyfriend Pierre touring the city and seeing the sights which gave us all a chance to get together for dinner. We were joined by Sarah, Mac and her boyfriend, Joel, who came up from Long Beach. We all met up in Beverly Hills at Gyu-Kaku had a great time catching up on each others happenings while grilling our own food at the table. 

Having criss-crossed the globe on many adventures, Pierre and Ke`ala were slowing down for a couple of weeks to enjoy some time in Hawai`i with Ke`ala's family and relax around the island. Ke`ala and Pierre met in China while Ke`ala was teaching English and Pierre was attending university. It was great to finally meet Pierre and get to spend some time with Ke`ala catching up on our lives.

Mac and Joel made it up from Long Beach to join us all for dinner and it was great getting to see them again. Joel and I had taken up the duties of managing the grilling and were trying to keep up with the vanishing act the cooked food seemed to be playing.

Sarah had the stereotypical glow that comes with being well into the second half of her pregnancy and everyone was overjoyed to see her and see that she was doing well. The girls spent the majority of the night recalling great memories and telling stories about each other which was a lot of fun for all of us guys to hear. When they weren't trading stories, everyone was trying to guess what the sex of Sarah's baby was going to be. Sarah had made the great decision of not knowing what sex her baby was going to be until the birth (hint hint nudge nudge Mahina), so everyone had fun trying to guess and of course throw out names for the baby. It was sad to see everyone go as the night came to an end and everyone went on their way. But, it was a great chance to get to see everyone and spend some time together.

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