Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gladstone's Brunch

Nema and Olivia were in town, and although they had a packed schedule we managed to meet up with them for Brunch this past weekend. Nema was craving a seafood, specifically lobster, brunch so we eventually ended up at Gladstone's. And by eventually, we mean an hour late because the LA Marathon decided to end its course right at the Santa Monica pier, making traffic on the 10 a nightmare. Leave it to Nema to head into Santa Monica as well and it was a disaster of epic proportions.

Meanwhile Mahina and I spent some time at the beach enjoying the ocean and relaxing; this also gave Mahina plenty of time to spew of comments about bicyclists hogging the road, valet attendants high-fiving each other and the general inept driving skills of Malibu's elite.

We all made it to Gladstone's where the four of us were also joined by Nema's cousin Payam and his girlfriend Maritza (Nema correct our spelling on this). We all settled into our booth and enjoyed a great seafood breakfast over watermelon mojitos and drinks. On a side note, Nema and Payam also managed to bring my phone back from the dead after Mahina broke it taking this picture of the beach, I'm glad to say it's alive and well again. It was a great meal and a laid back atmosphere at Gladstone's which made for a really nice brunch.

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  1. yeah i got a comment about this...lucas when did you start sounding like mahina when writing about me: "Leave it to Nema to head into Santa Monica as well and it was a disaster of epic proportions."

    on a brighter note, 4th of July weekend, shall we repeat this plans?