Friday, April 16, 2010

Lucas' Class Lu`au

For the last 12 weeks, Lucas has been taking a beginner's course in the Hawaiian language which culminated in a class lu`au at the UC Irvine campus. We all got together to share in what we had learned as a class and celebrate over some great Hawaiian food and share in the culture together. 

Each student got a chance to share either a genealogy chant of their family, a hula dance or a song to the class. It was really fun to get to spend some face to face time with each of his classmates who he had otherwise known as screen names on his online class sessions. Randomly enough, and this just proves how small the world is, one of the other students, Haunani, taking a higher level Hawaiian class happened to know my mom when they were both in High School at Kamehameha. It was really fun to get to hear about their high school days.

On our way out, we got one last surprise from UC Irvine - a parking ticket. We were parked in the visitor parking lot, but apparently only some of the actual parking spots were for visitors. Naturally we weren't parked in one of these visitor parking spots, despite being in the visitor parking lot. Yes, California is that desperate for money that they'll do anything to issue tickets. This brings the count of parking tickets received to 3 by Lucas and 1 by Mahina in my car... Argh. 

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