Saturday, December 17, 2011

Visiting Auntie Nalani and Uncle Jason's House

Nalani and Jason have been building their house for a while now and they are so close to being done!  I know that they would say that they are not even close to being done but when we were there, it looked awesome and is really starting to look like a house!  When we were there this past March, they only had the cider block foundation for the bottom floor situated.  Now, all of that is done plus the framing and roofing is almost done! 

We got to walk around the property and see were rooms would be and how things would come together.  My absolute favorite part of the house has to be the bay window area that will be in the dining area.  That part of the room is going to have a bench for one side of the dinning table and will look out to Kahalu'u.  Lucas and Jason spent most of their time in the garage, or as I call it "Jason's Fortress", which has numerous storage sheds, tool rooms and even a full bathroom!  What else could a guy want?  

We can't wait for them to finish the house so that we can move in!  Hehehe!


  1. Awwww first picture of us with Kea at the house! :)

  2. That house is going to be GORGEOUS!!!