Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Dial's Kawela Bay Christmas Party

Our friends Bridget and Ely hosted a Christmas party today at Bridget's family's beach house at Kawela Bay.  So after seeing Nalani and Jason's house, we made the "trek" up to the North Shore.  Lucas always makes fun of me when I moan and groan about going to the North Shore because to me that is SOOO far.  Realistically, the North Shore is only 45 miles away but in relation to the whole island, that's clearly on the opposite side for us.  We make those kind of drives all the time in Los Angeles, but in Hawaii, those drives aren't something you do too often.  

The whole drive up to Kawela Bay, the song "This is the Life" by Kolohe Kai was going through my head.  Seeing all the houses and beaches made me realize just how lucky I am to come from a place like this.  Not everyone gets to grow up a stone's through from prestine sand and the clear blue ocean.  It is truly my life's dream to move back home and give Ke'alohi the kind of childhood I was so lucky to have.

Once we got to the party, it was all fun and games for the rest of the day!  The party they hosted was for their friends that all had babies this year, most of them they had met during their lamaze class in Kailua.  The party was potluck style which meant one thing "ono food!"  Ono in Hawaiian means delicious, and it was just that.  We ate large amounts of poke, edamane, salad, roasted veggies, shoyu chicken, brownies and baklava.  We had so much fun watching the kids play together and talking about how they were all developing and taking tips from each other.  Ke'alohi and Ilikea might have had the most fun of all when they were siting in the papasan chair on the lanai watching each other and the Hawaiian flag fly in the wind.

All in all, it was such a fun day spent at Kawela Bay and well worth the drive up.  We can't wait for the next party at their beach house!

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