Friday, December 2, 2011

Reflecting on My Dad, My Hero...

After reading that last post, I immediately thought of my own dad who I am lucky enough to experience many of these things with.  First and foremost, my dad is my hero; always has been and always will.  He bought me my first softball glove and taught me how to throw a softball and love the sport.  I remember the many times that he took me down to the local park to play catch.  Fishing used to be our thing when I was younger, especially on our family trips to Iowa and Minnesota visiting his family.  I remember being the "fishing queen" on our trip to Lake Mille Lac when I caught 18 or 19 fish in one day.  You might think my dad might have stocked the lake for me but I'm going to say it was all due to my "mad skills."  My dad was one of the only dads that went on my Girl Scout camping trips.  His hiking name was "Yo Man" because he would always be the last person on the trail and when the person in the front would call back to make sure we were all right he would say "Yo!"  It's memories like those that I will never forget and what makes my childhood so special.  The number that really hit me on this blog was number 15 because dancing with my father on my wedding day was something that meant so much to me.  I was so glad to be able to take some time that day and just be Daddy's Little Girl.  

I Love You, Dad!


  1. A fabulous tribute to a FABULOUS man! I have such fond memories of your dad up at Paumalu! Yo-man was an ESSENTIAL part of our Girl Scouting experience! :)

  2. Miss Mahina!!! This post made me get all teary!! Daddies and daughters have such a special bond. How lucky are we to have good daddies in our lives to teach us so much?! <3