Saturday, December 3, 2011

Graduating to Gymboree Class - Level 2

This week has been full of changes.  It all started with Ke'alohi's six-month doctor's appointment when we talked about giving her water, solids and a sippy cup!  I thought I was done with "big girl" things but then I remembered that we were starting Ke'alohi's new Gymboree class.  She has officially "graduated" from the Play and Learn - Level 1 class and is now in the Play and Learn - Level 2 class.  In Level 1, we primarily had the babies on their back or tummy while we played and sang to them.  In Level 2, it is a COMPLETELY different class and is very, and I mean very, active class.

When we first got there, I didn't understand why some of the parents were in sweats and workout clothes but I chalked it up to maybe they were the lounger parents or just like wearing workout clothes.  Boy, was I wrong to judge them because halfway through the class I was breaking a sweat.  We got to play on the slides, rocking horse and pretty much all the equipment.  It was definitely different being in a class with babies from six to ten months because some of them could crawl and stand!  I can't believe that she will be doing that in a couple months.  Nooooo...  All the songs we sang were upbeat and I thought Ke'alohi was going to get overwhelmed with everything going on around her but she loved it!  Can't wait for class next week!


  1. You have such a beautiful family! I'm a new follower from BloggyMoms and I love your blog!

  2. Whew! Ke'alohi sounds like she is having a blast!