Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Mass and Dinner at CPK

Christmas Eve marks the beginning of our family traditions.  The first tradition is the 5:30 mass at Holy Trinity Church, the church and school we went to when Kai and I grew up.  It was packed and full of people celebrating Jesus' birthday.  The mass was nice and we even got to see my second grade teacher, Mrs. Hamilton and Kai's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bierwert. 

After dinner we headed to our usual Christmas Eve dinner, California Pizza Kitchen.  I don't know when it started, but ever since I can remember we have been going to CPK for dinner after Christmas Eve mass.  This Christmas Eve dinner was different for me because we had Ke'alohi and because Kai is 21 now.  I have never been to dinner with Kai when he has ordered a drink.  I almost had a heart attack when my brother ordered a beer and then later ordered a glass a wine.  It is still so weird for me to think of him as old enough to drink.  Where has the time gone?

After dinner we headed back home to get ready for Santa!

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  1. Watching Kainoa order drinks sends shivers down my spine! Where's my little boy?