Friday, November 4, 2011

Visit with Uncle Larry

This week my dad's brother, Uncle Larry, was in San Diego getting his CPE training.  For those people that aren't accountants, after you become a CPA, you have to keep up-to-date with training and continuing your education and the AICPA monitors that by requiring CPAs to earn CPE credits.  Lucky for us, Uncle Larry had the night off and invited us down to San Diego for the night to grab dinner!  As if dinner and hanging out with him wasn't incentive enough to go down there, he got us a hotel room so we didn' t have to drive up to Los Angeles at night. 

We had dinner at Anthony's Fish Grotto and spent the night feasting on fish, shrimp and crab and talking about everything happening with the family.  I was horrible though, and forgot to take a picture of Ke'alohi with Uncle Larry and I'm seriously hitting my head as I type this for being so lolo.  It was a great night spending time together and we can't wait to see him again and next time I won't forget to take pictures!

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