Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season, our first with Ke'alohi.  Like most parents learn, when it comes to babies, expect the unexpected and try not to get disappointed if things don't go as planned.  I had originally planned in my head this perfect night where we would take Ke'alohi out trick-or-treating in her pumpkin costume on this perfectly decorated street with lots of kids and everyone would ooohhh and aaahhh at her.  I forgot though that one, she is a baby and two, we are in Los Angeles.

Lucas and I were able to get off work early so that we could all get ready to celebrate Halloween.  Once we got home we decided that we were hungry and would go to an early dinner and then go trick-or-treating.  At dinner, Ke'alohi quickly fell asleep on Lucas and that's where our night started to head south.  Thinking that going out was still an option, we started to brainstorm where we wanted to take her and realized that in West Los Angeles, there are not much options for safe and decorated places to go trick-or-treating, especially for a baby. So we scraped the idea of taking her out and settled on getting Pinkberry and going home.

Even though I didn't get my "perfect" Halloween, I'm holding out for my perfect Christmas back home in Hawaii!

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