Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Starting to Plan the Infamous Baby Luau...

I've decided to start blogging about not only things happening with Ke'alohi but things happening with Lucas and I.  Yes, our lives are still completely consumed with our little girl, but there are things that don't always involve her.  Hahaha. I swear!

So my first post will be about me starting to plan Ke'alohi's 1st birthday aka the BABY LUAU.  Well, not talking about her didn't last long!  Hahaha.  In Hawaii, a baby's first birthday is a big, I mean BIG deal.  For some, like me, there are more people that attend a baby luau than a wedding.  When my parents planned my party, we had close to 350 guests!  We will not be undertaking that kind of event, but we are definitely trying to plan a medium-sized party where both my family in Hawaii and Lucas' family traveling in from the mainland and Europe can enjoy and take part in Ke'alohi's 1st birthday.  

Though most people say that it is best to start with a theme, I'm most worried about the venue.  Lucas and I have been trying to brainstorm for the last few weeks and have narrowed it down to two options.  We decided that we like Sea Life Park or Kualoa Ranch.  Both places are absolutely beautiful and would make a wonderful place for Ke'alohi's party but like a wedding or any big event, it all comes down to convenience of planning since we aren't in Hawaii and the dollar signs.  

With that said, we have picked Sea Life Park and can't wait to celebrate her special day with all of our friends and family!  Stay tuned for more Baby Luau planning fun!

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