Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Visit from Auntie Jill

We are so thankful for Auntie Jill!  Since we have had Ke'alohi, she has made it a point to make sure she stops by and visits us as much as possible.  Through all these times we have seen her, she has decided that Ke'alohi is in great need for a cute nickname, one only she is allowed to use.  We have all dubbed that because Auntie Jill is going to be the cool auntie in the convertible Audi that will take Ke'alohi shopping, she was going to get an equally cool nickname: Lola.  

You might be scratching your head, but this name is so perfectly Jill's and will be a favorite of Ke'alohi's in the years to come!

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