Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Visit with Auntie Kasey Again

We got to see Auntie Kasey again!  Today, Kasey had the day off of work because she and Connor had just gotten back from their babymoon in Hawaii.  Some of you might be wondering what a babymoon is and it's kind of like a honeymoon.  It's essentially a trip that you take before the baby comes so that you have one final relaxing time with your loved one.  Kasey and Connor sure know how to babymoon because they went all way to Kauai!  So jealous!

Ke'alohi was very excited to see Auntie Kasey, so much that she smiled and made sounds the whole bath time before leaving to see her.  When we got there we had a great time talking about her trip, her pregnancy, maternity leave and most importantly SHOPPING for babies!  I have given her all my tips for savvy shopping because there are so many things babies need!

I'm sure you're wondering if Kasey gave in and told us what they are going to name their daughter and that would be a negative.  They have narrowed it down to three names and they are going to decide on the perfect name when they see  their precious bundle of joy.

Only a few more months until she will be here in November!  Can't wait!

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