Saturday, August 27, 2011

Visit from Cousin Jorge

We got to spend some time with Lucas' cousin, Jorge, who is from Spain, last night and today.  Last night, we took him to a sushi bar at the Third Street Promenade.  We all shared our favorite sushi rolls and I got to learn a lot about Spain and that side of Lucas' family.  We spent the night talking story and planning our trip out to Spain and Portugal to visit family.  The highlight of the night had to be Jorge's first Pinkberry experience.  Pinkberry is a Los Angeles staple and probably the best frozen yogurt out there. We definitely got him hooked on it and wanting more.

Today, we met up with him and Lucas' parents at the Gene Autry Museum in Glendale.  It was a blistering 105 degrees and made me feel like I was melting.  We all grabbed lunch in the cafe where we tried a buffalo burger for the first time.  After lunch, we headed into the museum and got to see lots of western history from back in the day.

After making our rounds there, we headed to the Griffith Observatory to check out the museum and the best views of Los Angeles.  We got to see lots of displays about the different planets, stars and the sun. Our favorite part of the observatory has to be the different scales showing what you would weigh on each planet based on their gravitational pull to the sun.

We ended the day meeting up with Uncle Dan and Bailey, who were up in Los Angeles for a soccer game, and got dinner at The Grove.  The Farmer's Market has a variety of foods but most of us settled on cajun food.  Jorge jumped at the opportunity to eat Pinkberry again and tested out new flavors.

We were sad to see Jorge go but are excited to see him again, hopefully in Spain!

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