Monday, July 18, 2011

Mommy's Six-Week Check-Up

This morning I had my follow-up visit with Dr. Wyatt to see how I was feeling and if my c-section scar had healed.  Not many of you know but this recovery has been a tough one that included four visits to Dr. Wyatt's office, three visits to the ER, two sets of stomach x-rays and one re-admission to the hospital for me.  I had what the doctor called severe postpartum nausea to the point where I couldn't keep any food or water down for days.  They had to readmit me into the hospital, perform an EGD (invasive stomach probing test) and insert a feeding tube through my nose so that I could get nutrients in my body.  After being in the hospital five days and having the feeding tube in for the first three of them, I was able to start eating and holding liquids and soft foods down again. 

Since being discharged from the hospital things are looking up and I am finally able to be the Mom I wanted to be to Ke'alohi.  I can't wait to spend the next coming weeks with our little girl having fun and going on adventures!

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