Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ke'alohi's Legal!

That's right, Ke'alohi has her papers!  Last week, we received her social security card in the mail which meant in California that we can now go to the LAX Courthouse to get copies of her birth certificate.  Since I wasn't feeling too well this morning, Lucas decided to stay home from work to help me with Ke'alohi.  Around mid-morning, we decided to venture out to get me some soup and stopped by the courthouse to pick up a few copies of her birth certificate.  On our way home, we decided that since Lucas has family in Spain and Portugal, it would be a good idea if Ke'alohi had a passport.  We then headed over to the LAX Post Office to take her passport picture and to fill out the application.

Lucas loves her passport picture but I think Ke'alohi will be less than thrilled when she sees it in a couple of years.  Hahaha.

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