Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar - Round 2!

If going through the emotional ups and downs of losing my grandpa wasn't enough, I got a call from the doctor saying that I did not pass my 1-hour glucose test.  In order to pass the test, I would have to have a blood sugar level of under 140 and mine was 142.  Ahhh, I was so close!

Because of this, I now had to do the 3-hour glucose test.  This test should really be renamed to be the "how strong are you" test because it is one of the hardest things I had to go through with this pregnancy thus far.  I really don't even know if Navy Seals or Army Rangers could do that (my brother at the Naval Academy and Lucas' brother in the ROTC would probably disagree with me).  Give me morning sickness at all hours of the day over this test.  The rules of this test was that for 12 hours before the test, you can not eat or drink anything.  So when we went into the lab at 9am the lab workers drew my blood to measure my standing or normal blood sugar level.  After they drew my blood, they then give me double the amount of drink from the 1-hour test.  Luckily this time the flavor they gave me was orange, which tasted like a really flat extra sweet Fanta drink.  For the next three hours, they drew my blood ever hour and only after my last draw could I eat or drink.  Let me tell you, telling a pregnant woman that you can't eat or drink (not even water) until 1:30pm is just plain mean.

After the test was over I made Lucas take me to the restaurant across the street to load up on pancakes and bacon, my favorite breakfast.  To cheer me up Lucas even took me to Sprinkles cupcakes where we picked up the best red velvet and strawberry cupcakes I have ever had and two little peanut butter cupcakes for the pups at home.

Cross your fingers that I pass this test!

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