Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And We are Halfway There!

I truly cannot believe that we have made it halfway there because yesterday, I made it to 20 weeks.  We are officially starting to count down the weeks and days until the baby comes.  Normally at 20 weeks, you can find out the baby's sex and as some of you know, we (let's be honest, its because of Lucas) have decided to not find out the baby's gender until the baby arrives around May 30th.  Now, people that know me know that the next 20 weeks are going to be excruciating and knowing that the doctor and nurses know what we are having and I don't will be like rubbing salt in a open wound. Lucas has been so great during all of this pregnancy and also with letting me have Hawaiian first names for our children, that I simply could not let him miss this chance to have what he really wanted.  I now literally can't wait for the baby to come so that he can announce "It's a..." It will truly be a special moment and gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

This week we went to get our second trimester anatomy scan.  This appointment basically entailed an ultrasound specialist taking a longer look at the baby via the ultrasound machine and a computer.  Then she would put measurements into the computer to figure out how big the baby is and how the baby is developing.  Everything looked great and it was awesome to see the baby was healthy and growing!

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