Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sliding into Home

Just my luck, I got suckered into another book signing; this time though I made sure that Mahina went and got a wristband, because there was no way I waiting in the standby line again. Luckily when Mahina got there they were handing out Letter F wristbands, but someone came back to turn their Letter A wristband in because they couldn't make it. From the back to the front, things were starting to look up in our book signing life.

This time we knew what time to arrive and got there with plenty of time to spare. Even though there were already plenty of people in line Mahina's Letter A whisked us away to the top of the queue. We both had horrible flashbacks thinking of Tori's book signing and remembering how long we sat around and waited so we could empathize with all the people sitting around and waiting.

Minutes before the event was to begin you could feel the sense of excitement building as people stared at the side entrace where Kendra and her entourage would enter from, look away for a second and you could miss the first glimpse. Girls screamed and the flash bulbs buzzed as Kendra made her entrance. By this time we had only been in line for maybe 30 minutes so we were feeling really good

After a short question and answer session, the signing began. 20 minutes later we were at the front of the line as Mahina fretted over what to talk with Kendra about. As she walked up, her trust back-up topic sprang to mind; Hawai`i! Kendra and her husband Hank had just vacationed there! With a sign of relief they chatted about Hawai`i and which hotel they had stayed at comparing pools and tanning spots.

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