Monday, June 21, 2010

uncharted terriTORI

Mahina had heard through the grapevine that Tori Spelling was going to be having a book signing at the Barnes and Nobles at the Grove. Being the Tori and Dean fan that she is, this obviously meant that we would be attending said book signing. Being our first ever book signing, we were clueless as to how these things worked. Knowing that the book signing was at we cleverly decided that would be an appropriate time to arrive; best to get there early right? Wrong.

These book signings are a production. People had gone to the Grove earlier that morning specifically to get a wristband to avoid the afternoon line; this smells like trouble. Needless to say, despite our early arrival at we were in the standby group. Book signings have set number of meet and greets and it wasn't guaranteed that being in the standby group would get you a "John Hancock." But the word on the street was that Tori was a "great book signer" and would stay until the last fan got an autograph. Good news for us.

Being the adventurer that I am, I thought it wise to bring the dogs with us so that they could walk around the Grove while Mahina waited in line for a little bit to get her book signed; ya, that idea was out the window. So the dogs and I walked around for a little bit and then they went to hang out in the car (Don't worry people, parking structure + cool night = safe dogs).

Mahina quickly made friends with the people in front of us in line and was having a grand 'ole time chatting it up while I was left to fend for myself in a line that wasn't going anywhere fast. When Tori, Dean, the kids and the entourage arrived there was a lot of excitement and flash bulbs going off as the paparazzi and fans alike tried to snap a picture of the celebrity family. At they were on Letter J, by they were still on Letter J. Combine "celebrity-time" with kids and you've got a recipe for a late running show. We'd reached the point though where we had been in line for so long already that what was a little longer to get the book signed; turns out a little longer turned into another 2 hours. By the time Mahina had made it to the front of the line Dean and the kids had departed (a spectacle in and of itself), but Tori and her entourage including Mehran trudged on through the night. Mahina and Tori chatted about how Tori's nick name for Mehran is Mahina or Meenah. Sadly just a few minutes before both of our phones died so the picture of Mahina and Tori was taken by Mahina's new found friend in line and even more unfortunately we never got a copy of it.

But rest assured my feet and disdain for waiting in line at Barnes and Noble can attest to the fact that we spent a solid 5 hours in line at Tori's book signing. Lucky for me Mahina already had her eye on the next big book signing... Kendra Wilkinson.

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