Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Wedding As Told By The Bride

The day started at 6:45 for us girls. Normally that wouldn't be too bad since that's when I usually get up to get ready for work, but we hadn't gone to bed until past midnight due to Jill's hair needing to be dyed and Lexy putting curlers in both her and Caley's hair. Lexy, the Organizer and Maid of Honor, made sure that we were all up and ready for when breakfast started at 7:00 downstairs. Needless to say, that day I wished I was the Groom who could sleep in, lounge around and get ready in approximately 15 minutes. We girls did not have that luxury.

Erica and Kristin, our amazing hair gals, came at 8:30 and started the beautifying process. Erica and Kristin spent the next four and a half hours doing all of our hair. What they did to us was short of pure magic. Lexy was busy doing everyone's makeup, including mine, which was absolutely flawless. The morning went by so quick with lovely gifts: my grandma's wedding rings from my mom, a bag full of goodies from Lexy and our loving (Lucas would say "Needy") dog, Duke, from Lucas and Nema.

When Janel, our photographer, came at about 1:00, I was ready to get in my dress. I could not believe this was happening so fast. Before I knew it, Lexy was zipping me in my dress, my mom was putting on my earrings and then the final touches were done. I was ready to get married.

Janel had me waiting at the bottom of the stairs for Lucas to see me for the first time. I had butterflies in my stomach that were literally doing somersaults. I was so excited to see him all dashing in his tuxedo, so excited that I realized in all the craziness I had forgotten Lucas' wedding gift upstairs in the Bridal Suite. The time came and the "Big Reveal" was about to happen; I was about to see the man I was going to marry. It was a mixture of so many emotions the moment I laid eyes on him coming down the stairs.

After that brief instant, we were thrown into a whirlwind of photos being taken and moments captured. I was trying to slow the day down just to take it all in. This was our day, the day that we had spent 11 months planning, the day I was going to become a wife. In a matter of what seemed like minutes, we were on our way to the Chapel with Lexy, Elijah, Lowell, Lucas and I all singing "Going to the Chapel and We're Gonna Get Married..."

Now it was 3:45, the guests were in their seats, the pictures had been takes and the Mass was about to start. All the girls were in the Brides Room primping their hair and putting the last of their lip gloss on. We could hear the music starting from Jomar and Ellen. Lucas and I were so lucky to have such talented musicians play at our ceremony. They even composed the song that the wedding party walked down the aisle to and the song that my dad I walked down to. We all took our places in the front of the Chapel and started the processional. As they closed the doors for my dad and I, it felt as though time stood still. Here I was about to be given away by my dad, to be married to the man I love; every memory as a child until now flashed before my eyes, this was it.

Perfect is about the only way you can describe the next hour. The readings by Elise, Kasey and Kainoa, the song "How Beautiful" by Jill, our vows with Fr. Scholla and Fr. Fulco, the rings we gave each other and our first kiss as husband and wife were all just perfect. After the ceremony, more pictures were taken, hugs and kisses were exchanged and a "new family" was made between the Cumpstons' and the Sayins'.

When we got back to the Ayres Hotel for the Reception, the girls were more than happy to change from our heels into matching Haviana slippers that Lexy had coordinated for us. While we were up in the Bridal Suite changing, our guests were in the courtyard sipping on drinks, eating appetizers, signing the guestbook, adding notes to our wishing tree and putting flowers in their ear. The night was a culmination of unforgettable memories. The speeches by Lexy, Elijah and my dad brought laughter and tears; the Doxology sung by Kainoa and Elijah was wonderful and surprisingly in pitch. The Pinning Ceremony by Lucas and Benet and the rest of SigEp truly touched my heart; wearing the pin, receiving my letters and getting dozens of roses from Lucas' Brothers was something that my family and our guests still talk about today.

Our first dance was amazing and gave us a chance to take everything in; the local hula halau was a special way to show our guests my Hawaiian culture which means so much to me. Once the music started with DJ Tee, there was no stopping the partying and dancing, that is until we had the superb cake. Once the cake was eaten, the bouquet was tossed and caught by Jenn, the garter was flung and snatched by Mike and the pictures were taken by Janel, we danced the night away.

There is nothing that could have made our day any more special. Having the 170 family and friends there on our wedding day was the perfect way to start our marriage.

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