Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wedding Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Only adding to the anticipation of our Wedding was the Rehearsal and Dinner two days before the big day.
We all met up at the Chapel at 4:30pm ready to run through the ceremony; Fr. Scholla arrived soon after and introduced a guest. Fr. Fulco would also be presiding over the ceremony alongside Fr. Scholla, it was a wonderful surprise to have Fr. Fulco joining Fr. Scholla as a presider of our wedding.

The rehearsal began and everyone took their places and followed the directions of JoAnne and Brian Custer, LMU's wedding coordinators, as they guided us through our ceremony. Brian and JoAnne were really patient with all of us and made sure we all knew where we were supposed to be. Before we knew it, Fr. Scholla was having us practice saying our vows and pointing out the moment in the ceremony when we would officially become husband and wife. Mahina stopped Fr. Scholla before he could practice pronouncing us husband and wife as it would be bad luck to be declared a married couple before our wedding day.

Now that the rehearsal was over, we all headed to downtown LA for our rehearsal dinner at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant. Roy's was a really amazing place to have our dinner and we really enjoyed having everyone with us to celebrate. The food was nothing short of amazing and we really enjoyed eating everything. After all the wonderful toasts from everyone we all enjoyed the rest of the night eating, talking and making some wonderful memories together. As the night wound down, we were relieved that the wedding wasn't the next day, but also anxious and excited for the big day to come.

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