Saturday, November 21, 2009

UCLA vs ASU Football

Our Saturday morning started out much like any other until Elijah called us up with extra tickets to the day's UCLA v ASU football game at the Rose Bowl. We quickly re-scheduled Harley's grooming appointment for the following Monday and got a quick work out in for Harley before heading over to Venice to pick up Elijah and his brother Zack.

We started the drive out to Pasadena telling stories and hearing of this year's MOB Days adventures. Soon enough we were in Pasadena and found ourselves driving around looking for a place to eat lunch. We headed for L&L but changed course and ate lunch at a teriyaki restaurant right next door.

Refueled we took off for the stadium. There were tons of people tail gating by the time we got there and the party was in full swing. We managed to find a parking spot close to an exit so getting out wouldn't be too much of a hassle. It was getting to the stadium and back that was going to be a hike. Elijah had 6 tickets  to the game and before we went in to the stadium he managed to unload the last 2 tickets. We were really fortunate to have some great seats to the game, we were 3 rows up from the visiting sideline at about the 37yd line so we had a great view of the field.

Once the game got going things got a lot more fun. ASU started with the ball and on their first drive their sophomore quarterback threw a Pick 6 to get the scoring going for UCLA. Things were looking to be a good night for the Bruins, but the Sun Devils hung in there and were running the ball up and down the field.

It was starting to get cold so Mahina and I made our way over to the UCLA gear booth and Mahina picked up a UCLA football shirt to layer up with. We weren't the only ones cold though, Elijah and Zack started to cuddle to keep each other warm and kept the lewd jokes flowing all game long.

One of the big reasons we all went to the game was to see Eddie Williams start at right guard. Eddie and Elijah played high school ball together, but Eddie had broken his foot a couple of weeks before so he was out for the season which sucked. We left the game with about 5 minutes to go in the 4th quarter and headed over to the UCLA campus to meet up with Eddie. Once we found the dorm, Eddie rolled over on his scooter and met us in the lobby. We hung out for a little bit and then headed over to grab some Diddy Reese cookies in Westwood. All in all it was a great day with the Bruins and we had a lot of fun.

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  1. Don't forget, Navy is playing in the Texas Bowl and Iowa is #9 in the BCS polls. Go Hawkeyes!!