Saturday, June 20, 2009

Honeymoon - St. Kitts

Free WiFi! St. Kitts was the first chance Mahina and I had to get on the internet and see what was going on in the world around us. Not that we were unhappy being disconnected from the world and on our honeymoon, but it was just nice to go online and check our email, facebook, etc. Mahina had an especially fun time with the WiFi as she was trying to email back and forth with our family as our ship was pulling out of port and our connection was fading fast. Alas, we were on our honeymoon...emails could wait.

We had spent the day in St. Kitts kayaking and snorkeling. The kayaking had turned into quite the strenuous adventure. After a little bit of snorkeling in this beautiful bay where we even saw a manta ray, our tour guides introduced us to the kayaking segment of our excursion by pointing to a far off beach and sending us on our way. All of a sudden, our kayaking adventure had turned into a serious arm workout as we slowly but surely made our way to that far off land our guide had pointed to. We are proud to say though that at least we didn't have to get towed by the support boat and made it across the bay on our own power.

When we got back to the ship, there was a little surprise awaiting Mahina. The gift shop had a couple of packages for honeymooners to choose from and we had a small chocolate cake and some champagne delivered to our cabin while we were away, it was a great finishing touch after a long day of activities.

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