Sunday, June 21, 2009

Honeymoon - Puerto Rico

Our stop in Puerto Rico brought us back into the US and left us with an entire day to ourselves on the island. Puerto Rico is the main stop on our cruise where about 98% of the passengers embarking/disembarking each week (the rest, like us, join the cruise from Barbados). The downside to this meant that as far as shore excursions went there were none. But, six days into our honeymoon we were exhausted and used the day to catch up on our sleep and just relax.

By lunch time we decided to head into Puerto Rico and explore. Mahina ran into an old friend, Senor Frogs, where we stopped for lunch. I think it's safe to say that the only place that does Tequila pulls at lunch is the Senor Frogs in Puerto Rico. Those guys know how to party and where slinging Tequila like it was going out of style.

With the afternoon ahead of us, we set out to walk around the port town. But with so much history to Puerto Rico, we wanted to do more and made our way to the Tourism office. By the time we got there though, and with it being the off season, there weren't any tours left and many places closed especially early on Sunday. So we made the most of our time around the port and waited until the last minute possible to get back on the boat.

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