Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Honeymoon - Dominica

Dominica was the first time we got rained on. We had chosen to do the Dominica's Favorites tour which would take us to Trafalgar Falls, through Roseau, a Botanical gardens, Emerald Pools and the Springfield Plantation guest house.

Our tour took us through a rain forest so it was fitting that it would be raining while we were there. Luckily, our tour was one of the only ones that still ran despite the rain. Trafalgar falls was absolutely stunning. There are naturally two waterfalls that are always running, but when it rains, like it was, a third emerges from the left side. It was really incredible to see these waterfalls hammering down into the water below.

Dominica was our shortest stay on any island, but Mahina was quick to find a strong bond with Dominica when she found a stray dog. Instantly Mahina had concocted a plan to somehow sneak the dog onto the boat past the x-ray scanners and security and feed it with the free room service in our room. Clearly that wasn't going to work so we made do with feeding the little guy with the snack we had on hand.

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