Friday, June 26, 2009

Honeymoon - Barbados

We were in denial, being back in Barbados meant the beginning of the end of our honeymoon. The cruise had been absolutely incredible and we have so many fond memories of all the islands and shore excursions.

But, back on Barbados we still had a lot of adventures in front of us. Mahina had finally been convinced that renting a car and exploring the island on our own was the best way to spend our remaining time in Barbados. So, the day before our flight was supposed to leave, we spent in a rented car driving all over the island.

We had spent most the prior night talking to the hotel concierge about where to go on the island and how to get there. With a solid itinerary of destinations and plan for the day, we set off this fine morning in our rented Toyota Corolla. The kicker is that Barbados drives on the left side of the road, a by product of its British influence. This took some getting used to and with Mahina in charge of making sure Lucas didn't drive on the wrong side of the road we set off.

Honking, much like in Hawai`i, if a way of saying hello. Everyone honks their horn as they drive by and wave hello to the other locals. As we both got more and more comfortable driving on the other side of the road we had managed to arrive safely at Harrison's Cave. The views inside were just incredible and was a local favorite as the local school was on a field trip right in front of us.
Next up was St. Nicholas' Abbey, the farthest north we would be on the island. After touring the Abbey and exploring all the different historical artifacts they had, we found ourselves in the gift shop. The Abbey made its own Spiced Barbados Rum which they bottled right in front of you and even personally engraved each bottle with a message of your choice and the official bottle number. After picking up some gifts for our families, we set off on the next leg of our journey south down the east side of the island.

It was getting late in the afternoon and we hadn't had lunch yet, this was one thing we hadn't planned for the day before, a critical mistake that left Mahina in a hunger coma. We drove around for about an hour before we found a restaurant at the Sunbury Plantation House. Maybe we're a little biased and jaded by our pangs of hunger, but the beef stew lunch we had was absolutely incredible. There wasn't a speck of it left after we ate, it was by far the best food we'd had on our entire honeymoon. Call us jaded...but we're sticking by it.

Oh and the Sunbury Plantation House was really neat too, filled with original clothing, accessories, hair brushes, make up, bedding and every household item you could think of. The barn has been turned into a museum of sorts, displaying artifacts from the time period that had been donated by the citizens of Barbados. There were some really interesting artifacts so check out the pictures.

Our last day of the honeymoon was spent trying to jam everything back into our suitcases and desperately guessing if we had exceeded the bag weight limit. With one last meal on Barbados, we got our hopes up that maybe the Sunbury Plantation House could deliver us an order of their stew again. Sadly it didn't work out, there was only one waitress working that day and she couldn't leave the restaurant. Oh well, it gives us a reason to go back.

The flights home were uneventful as we reminisced about the past 10 days... can't we just be professional Honeymooners?

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