Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Newest Obsession, Instagram...

My new found love since going back to the iPhone, is the app Instagram.  This is such a great app to use with the Camera+ app to take pictures.  The reason I love the Camera+ app to take pictures is that you can zoom and edit the photos after the take them but before you save them.  So I still use that app as my primary camera app.

The cool thing about Instagram, is that after you save those pictures, you can open them up in this app and really get to tweak the colors, lighting and borders.  This app can give an "okay" photo some life and pizzazz.  I haven't used it as my sole camera app yet, but might one day.  Sometimes it amazes me how much the iPhone can do and makes me wonder if we really need to take the camera around everywhere while we wait for the next cute thing Ke'alohi does.  

Isn't there such a difference between the two photos of Ke'alohi reading her "morning paper?"


  1. Awesome! Love instagram! Fun :)

  2. Instagram is the coolest thing! It's my obsession. LOL! I'm following you back. :)

  3. Very sweet... found you on Follow Follow Follow.... looking forward to reading more from you....

  4. I love it too! thanks for dropping by!