Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We're Going Going, Back Back, to Cali Cali

No, that is not actually the song that is stuck in my head right now but I thought it was a pretty clever title.  When ever I am leaving Hawaii, I can't help but get the song "Honolulu City Lights" by The Brothers Cazimero stuck in my head.  From take off to landing, I hear Robert and Roland singing the line "And it's not easy to leave again."  Something that did lessened the sting of leaving was being able see my side of the island and even the valley I lived in.  I'm so lucky to be from here!

Ke'alohi was great on this plane ride and we were lucky enough to get an extra seat next to us for her.  It was nice that we had a little more room for her to play and lay down.  All the people around her thought she was the cutest thing and loved making faces at her.  She is still a great traveler, but the only thing is now she doesn't sleep the whole way like she used too.  So glad we aren't "that" family!

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  1. What a gorgeous photo of East Honolulu. Hawaii no ka oi!