Saturday, December 17, 2011

Uncle Kai is Home

Right after our Christmas party, we headed straight to the Honolulu Airport to pick up my brother.  We were so excited from him to come in because he has not gotten to meet Ke'alohi yet in person.  We have been able to Skype with Kai a few times, but with him being at the Naval Academy, getting leave to meet his niece is not a top priority for the U.S. Military.  Not cool, right? Anyways, it was so nice for him to finally meet Ke'alohi and for them to bond.  We are still working on Kai in terms of some of the activities he wants to do with her because she might be a "little" young for paintballing, hiking and roughing it in general.

Welcome home Uncle Kai!


  1. I didn't know Kai didn't meet her yet!! OMG! He needs to work on his baby holding...he looks like he's holding an upright bass. :p

  2. It was wonderful seeing Kainoa & Ke'alohi together. She was so quiet (sitting in his lap) with Kainoa everytime he played his PS3 games. She loved watching his fingers move quickly on the controls. Looks like you may have a gamer in the future!!