Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Grove with Uncle Dan, Aunt Karen and The Kids

Today was quite an eventful day, largely because we got to see Uncle Dan, Aunt Karen, Bailey, Jocelyn, Aiden and Julian!  It is always so nice to hang out with them and watch how much Ke'alohi loves their hugs and kisses. We met at The Grove in the afternoon to shop, have dinner and meet Santa.  Anyone who knows Los Angeles, knows that The Grove's Santa is the best.  On most weekends there is a three to four hour wait to see him and get your picture taken.  This Santa is so cool that he has his own house in the middle of the street and it's so high-tech that you take a number from a machine and when your number appears on the flat screen next to the front door, then you can go inside.  It's nuts!

After we picked our number, we walked around, looking inside Pottery Barn Kids, Crate and Barrel and Barnes and Noble.  The kids started to get hungry, so we ate at The Farmers Market, which has some of the best selections of foods from around the world.  It's definitely a must-see when in Los Angeles.  By the time we were done with dinner, it had been almost three hours and Santa was still like 30 numbers away from us.  We admitted defeat and headed home with the hope that we will get to see Santa when we go home to Hawaii this week.

Cross your fingers for us that we find Santa in Hawaii!


  1. I love the Grove! I don't meet very many bloggers here in Southern CA, so I was delighted to find you on the Welcome Wednesday hop!

    Great pictures, I haven't been to the Grove this season, but I see I'm missing out!

    Thanks for the post :-)

    Stacey @

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  3. Sory you didn't get to see Santa, but it sounds like you did have fun.

    I am a new follower from Queens NYC Mom Friday blog hop.


  4. Also, your little one is so cute and so precious!

  5. The Grove is so beautiful at Christmastime! Maybe next Christmas, Opa & I can see it for ourselves! wink wink