Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Time Crawling!

This girl is going to make me go crazy constantly updating the blog with all the new things she is doing.  I have already around 40 posts just for December!  We have all been wanting to see her crawl for days now and she has been so close.  Today when Lucas and I were packing and Puna was playing with Ke'alohi, she started to have this determined look on her face.  My mom instantly knew she was going to do it right then and there.  She grabbed her camera and called us all around Ke'alohi and we all got to witness Ke'alohi crawling for the first time.

We are so happy and excited that we all got to see it happen together.  Guess we need to baby proof the townhouse soon because she is MOBILE!


  1. Once they start crawling, it's going to seem like a whirlwind like she's growing even faster than you expect. How precious that you guys caught it on camera!!! She is so beautiful Mahina. You are a great mommy. I'm sure your mom and dad are so in love with her!!

  2. We are so glad that we got to see Ke'alohi crawl for the first time! She is such a joy!