Monday, December 26, 2011

First Time Clapping!

Even though the excitement of Christmas has died down, our little girl wanted to make sure we knew there was still reason to celebrate.  While we were sitting on the floor playing with her, she started clapping when what we were doing was making her happy.  Sadly, I didn't have the camera with me right when it happened but since then she has been clapping to her hearts content.  Here is one of her clapping the next day.  

It might have been the cutest thing ever, watching her laugh (which showed off her new tooth) and clapping!


  1. Mahina, Ke'alohi is absolutely adorable!!! It's so awesome that you're able to write about all these special moments as she grows because when she's older, she can look back and read about it and see her own personal album of sorts and how you thought and felt as a mommy at the time.

  2. It's so funny watching Ke'alohi clap. She gives us that look, that she is amazed at what she is doing too!