Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cinnamon's Restaurant and Lanikai Beach

Two of my favorite things in Kailua are Cinnamon's Restaurant and Lanikai Beach.  Naturally, as true Hawaiians, we stuffed our faces at Cinnamon's and then headed to the beach.  Hahaha.  We met up with our friends Bridget, Ely and Ilikea at Cinnamon's and ate to our heart's content.  I have been somewhat skeptical about one of their menu items for a while now because it seemed too sweet and dessert-like for brunch.  I will now say that was wrong, very wrong.  The red velvet pancakes at Cinnamon's was sent from God himself as a gift to mankind.  They taste like heaven in your mouth and instantly jumped on my list of "last meal" items.  Lucas and I shared the pancakes and Cinnamon's kalua pig eggs benedict (which was also fabulous).  My only regret is that I shared with Lucas and didn't make him get his own stack of pancakes!

After we were more that full and satisfied with our brunch, we headed to Lanikai Beach, a beach that is constantly voted one of the best beaches in the world.  The only thing we did not think about before heading to the beach was how the babies were going to be once we got there.  Sadly, we did not last long because on the way over to the beach Ke'alohi fell asleep and it was so windy that Ilikea was not having it after five minutes.  So we took a few pictures and loaded everything back into the bags and stroller and left.  Hopefully, next time we go there it will not be so windy and the girls will be able to enjoy it more.

We retreated back to Bridget, Ely and Ilikea's house to hang out, try out some poi with the girls and figure out when we can take the girls to the beach again!  

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  1. It could have been worse. President Obama could have been walking the beach with all the Secret Service guys running all over the place, kicking sand in your face!