Thursday, December 22, 2011

Afternoon with Aunties Nalani, Brittney and Kalena and Ka'eo

After we had lunch with Ryan and Gari-Ann we headed over to Kahalu'u to visit Aunties Nalani, Brittney and Kalena and Ka'eo.  While we were there, Brittney, an amazing hair stylist and make-up artist at Regis, gave me a free haircut and eye brow wax!  While we were off chopping my hair, everyone else was in the house playing with Ke'alohi and Ka'eo.  Ka'eo was so cute to let Ke'alohi play with some of his toys and sit in his papasan chair.  

After they were playing and Brittney was done with my hair, we went outside so that Ka'eo could show us his pet chickens.  I have to share the chicken's names because they are so cute... He named them Katsu, Garlic and Mochiko; all my favorite chicken dishes back home!  We watched them run around while we played on the swing set.

It was such a great afternoon spent with friends!

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