Thursday, November 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Grandma Pauline

Today was a tough day.  Grandma looked so peaceful at her service and I know that she is in a better place with Grandpa Bill.  The Pastor who presided over her service said something that truly helped me, "If there's a pond in heaven, she is fishing there."  After he said that, I felt this overwhelming feeling of peace.  In my head, I had a picture of Grandma and Grandpa sitting on a bench at the end of a dock happy and fishing.

Another thing that brought me happiness today was Lucas and Ke'alohi getting to meet a large portion of my family.  For Lucas, he hadn't seen many of my family since the wedding or hadn't met them because my cousin Anna was about to give birth to her third child.

After the services, we all met up for a family dinner at Latin Kings.  It was my Grandma's favorite restaurant so we all went there to celebrate her but I'm not going to lie, based on the name, I wasn't sure how good the food was or really how it was an Italian restaurant.   To my surprise, it was by far the best Italian food I have ever had, maybe the best food in general I have ever had. My mouth is literally watering as I write this.

We were lucky enough to get a few pictures of some of the cousins and our children before the night was over.  I really hope we all can see each other again soon, but under better circumstances next time.

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