Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We love it when we can get together with Lucas' family for Thanksgiving, specifically for all the great food that Aunt Karen, Bailey and Peggy make.  This year's food was no different from last year, tasting just as good as I remembered.  Thanksgiving dinner just isn't the same without Aunt Karen's sweet potato casserole, Bailey's mashed potatoes and Peggy's stuffing!  We got down to Solana Beach at about noon and hung out around the house until it was time for the Sayin football game.  Ke'alohi and I had a ball hanging out, taking pictures and cheering on Daddy.  After football was over, I was able to get Ke'alohi down for a nap before all the festivities commenced.

The highlight of the night was feeding Ke'alohi real food for the first time.  We brought down some of the sweet potatoes I had made earlier this week to try.  We waited for Thanksgiving so that the whole family could watch Ke'alohi take this next baby step.  She ate like a champ loving it when Lucas and I got the spoon near her mouth.  We couldn't feed her fast enough!

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