Friday, September 30, 2011

Duke's Surgery

Poor Duke has been living a rough life recently.  We noticed that he started limping a couple months ago, but thought that it had to do with his weight and put him on a doggie diet.  In the last few weeks, we noticed that it was getting worse so we brought him in again to see the doctor.  The doctor let us know that he ruptured/tore his CCL in both of this knees.  The CCL is like the dog ACL ligament in his knee and was the same ligament that I tore my sophomore year at LMU playing soccer.  The left knee was definitely worse, so the doctor suggested that we have surgery on that one first and then come back in a couple months for surgery on the right knee.

I'm sure you are thinking that getting surgery on a dog is crazy and also crazy expensive.  Well, it is that that is why I think we need to sell one of my kidneys.  Anyone interested?  Hahaha.  Just joking, Duke and Harley mean the world to us and we would do anything to help them have a good, happy and healthy life!

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