Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our First Week Home = Craziness and Sleepless Nights

The first couple of days home we were lucky enough to not only have Puna (my mom) with us, but Will (Lucas' brother) and Lucas home to take care of Ke'alohi.  It was great having the four of us watch over her because there was definitely not a shortage of help.

We were also blessed with tons of visitors!  Lucas' parents were able to visit us a couples days and then brought with them the whole Sayin clan the next weekend!  Aunt Karen, Uncle Dan, Bailey, Jocelyn, Aidan, Julian, Aunt Selma and Aunt Kathy were all able to come visit us and shower Ke'alohi with her first load of "girly" stuff.  Let me tell you, after all the gender neutral things we have, I am loving everything pink and purple! We also got to see Elijah, Diana, Nema, Olivia, Dominique and her mom during that first week! Thanks everyone for all the love!

The biggest surprise for me has to be how great of a dad Lucas is.  He has completely taken to fatherhood better than anyone I know.  It's not that I ever doubted Lucas would be a great dad, it's just that he has far exceeded my expectations of parenting in every way.  He is so patient and loving towards Ke'alohi.  It's really remarkable.  I love him more and more when I see him with her. 

Now that Lucas is back at work, we miss him terribly and count down the minutes until we can see him again!

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