Saturday, May 22, 2010

Glee Live!!! in Concert

With the Glee phenomenon sweeping the nation and capturing my heart it was clear we had a one-way ticket to the concert with the original cast. We got Bailey and Aunt Karen on board to come with us and Bailey's friend Riley came along too. Riley, Bailey, Lucas and I had a lot of fun at the concert (The girls might have enjoyed themselves a bit more).  We made sure to sing along to all the songs, while Lucas naturally became the photographer of the "grand" event.  As I looked around the Gibson Amphitheatre, I saw the same "glee" on Lucas' face as many of the other fathers/husbands/boyfriends had.  Most of them probably didn't want to be caught dead in that place but there was a mutual understanding between them that they were being "supportive" by being dragged there.

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