Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mahina's Birthday!!!

It was time to celebrate the joyous birth of Mahina again as she reached the last true milestone that comes with birthdays until the ripe young age of 65 and retirement come along. This year, our special day came a long in the middle of the week.

By virtue of that timing, what would ordinarily have been a birthDAY turned into a birthWEEK, which of course meant there was plenty of celebrating and the constant reminder that "hey, it's my birthday week!" We had a lot of fun though. Mahina finally picked up a dutch oven as part of her birthday gift from her Mom that she has been craving and has already put it to good use. We also started looking around for a beach cruiser that Mahina could take Duke bike riding with. To be clear though, Duke wouldn't be running alongside the beach cruiser, rather he'd be perched right inside a little basket going along for the ride. Sissy.

For her birthday dinner, we went to Benihana's in Beverly Hills and had a great meal. Our chef though wasn't as animated as most of the Chef's, but he made up for it with some great cooking. We had a great time and headed back home to celebrate with the dogs, who also enjoyed mom's birthday since they got to eat the leftover Benihana's for their dinner.  Tough life they live.

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